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Predicting The Future of CBD With … Tarot Cards?

Max & Steven recently hosted master tarot card reader, Janine Morigeau on an episode of Understanding CBD. Janine used tarot cards to predict the fate of the CBD business among other highlights.

What Makes CBD So Calming?

CBD may help your mind feel calmer and your body more relaxed.

CBD and Psychedelics

Pamela Hadfield, a successful entrepreneur in the cannabis industry with her company, HelloMD, joins Max & Steven to share how CBD has helped her. She’s also the founder of Eastra Health, the world’s first female-focused biotech company dedicated to developing psychedelic-derived medicines for women’s health concerns. Pamela kicks off our new segment, Cannabis Investments. She shares information about investing in her company.

Hemp CBD Tarot Reading

Janine Morigeau, a tarot card reader, accomplished astrologer and a spiritual life coach, joins Max & Steven for a fun and lighthearted Independence Day episode! Listen as Janine performs live tarot card readings for our audience members and enjoy as Max & Steven get in on the fun with questions of their own!

CBD Product Manufacturing

Hemp CBD product manufacturing is Barry Pritchard’s area of expertise. How did an Analytical Chemist get into formulating everything from face creams to CBD tinctures? Listen and learn as Max & Steven interview the man who works with farmers, hemp brands, and retailers to create products that bring the healing power of hemp and CBD to the people.

CBD and Vitamins

Dr. Earl Mindell, international best-selling author of over 60 books including The New Vitamin Bible and Healing With Hemp CBD Oil joins Max & Steven on Understanding CBD to talk all things nutrition, vitamins, supplements, CBD and healthy living. Dr. Mindell shares his expertise on the role of supplements, including CBD, in healing, longevity, stress management, improved sleep and general wellness. He also discusses CBD for dogs, which he wrote the book on! Listen and learn!

Regenerative Farming and Cannabis

Dr. Allen Williams talks to us about farming, soil quality, how our food and health is affected and what the future holds.

Effects of CBD Oil – Utilizing The Full Potential

What can CBD do? There’s a lot of people asking this very question. We’ve got some answers.

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