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CBD Oil For Chronic Pain: Treatment and Benefits

How does CBD work to reduce pain signals in the body, how much should you use and what's the best type of CBD? Find out the answers to these questions and more...

Fibroids and CBD

CBD, women’s health and sharing her personal journey of natural healing are Suzy Ohannessian’s passions and mission. Suzy joins Max and Steven to talk about her experiences suffering from uterine fibroids which led to her discovery of CBD as an effective solution. Using CBD oil sublingually not only helped shrink her fibroids but also made some of them disappear (undetectable via ultrasound), much to the surprise of her doctors who were not exactly supportive of Suzy’s alternative approach. However, Suzy not only found relief, she found her voice as an advocate for women struggling with uterine fibroids and other health issues. Suzy, a lifelong dancer, also noticed that her consistent use of CBD alleviated the aches and pains that she had come to accept as “normal” wear and tear on her body. Suzy now gives talks about women’s health, cbd and cannabis all over the world, on Clubhouse and of course- on Understanding CBD with Max & Steven. We also get a special Maryland Legislative update from Luke Jones and talk about some special people during our Mail Sack segment.

The Ultimate Guide To CBD Oil Dosage

Wondering what’s the proper CBD oil dosage? We have some answers.

Three Reasons To Consider CBD Oil For Chronic Back Pain

Most of the promising research on CBD shows it to be effective for anxiety and sleep. What do studies conclude about its efficacy for chronic back pain?

Importance of Quality in Plant Medicine

CBD is the most important natural medicine, and here’s why. Did you know that many chiropractors actually work with or advocate for CBD?

Migraines and Headaches and Back Pain, Oh My!

CBD for Migraines? For chronic acute headaches? For back pain? You better believe it! This week on Understanding CBD, Dr. Mary Ann Ley from the Achieve Wellness Center tells us how she talks to her patients about CBD and even sees results within minutes

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