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Pet CBD and Supplements

Dietary supplements and CBD for your pet? You betcha! In this heartfelt episode, Max & Steven are joined by none other than Bill Bookout, President & Board Chairman for the National Animal Supplement Council. Bill offers a well rounded perspective on the pet supplement industry as both a loving pet owner and a professional working at the tip of the spear in the world of regulations regarding the pet supplement category at both a federal and state level. Bill’s expertise is invaluable, as are his answers to our listener’s questions.

How to do CBD

“How to do the Pot” podcast host, Ellen Lee Scanlon, joins Max & Steven to discuss women’s health and cannabis. Ellen’s mission is to educate and give practical advice to women seeking to understand the benefits of cannabis. Her podcast takes a modern approach to demystifying the plant, exploring its medical benefits, and empowering women to be more confident consumers of cannabis.

Hemp CBD and Horses

Dr. Joyce Harman, naturopathic horse veterinarian joins Max & Steven to talk about hemp CBD and horses. From acupuncture, herbs, hemp seed and flowers to CBD oil and beyond, Dr. Harman explains the various modalities for treating conditions in horses and explains the role of the endocannabinoid system in horses (and humans) in healing various conditions. From improving quality of life and aging gracefully to being an excellent source of non-gmo nutrition, CBD and hemp is the closest thing to a magic bullet, according to Dr. Harman.

The Ultimate Guide To CBD Oil Dosage

Wondering what’s the proper CBD oil dosage? We have some answers.

Pets in Need and CBD

CBD for pets- yes, for pets! Pets have endocannabinoid systems just like people and happen to have some of the same issues…aches and pains, anxiety, arthritis, joint issues, tooth pain. Basically, pets are just like us and cbd helps them just like it helps people. We talk all things pets with Kate Pika from the Baltimore Humane Society. She shares her personal story and her passion for pets. Kate sheds light on all the services the Humane Society offers and details the processes of various services. From pet adoption to finding a home for pets that need to be re-housed- Kate tells all. Also, we get updates on volunteer opportunities at the Baltimore Humane Society. You can check out bmorehumane.com to learn more. In Doc G’s corner, we hear about 2 patients who are dealing with addictive behaviors but only one tried cbd. We hear about outcomes from both patients- a must listen if you’ve ever wondered if cbd is truly an effective tool in treating addictive behaviors ranging from smoking, eating unhealthy foods, or whatever you may be struggling with. The Mail Sack segment includes news about Shorty Rossi’s dog rescue and we hear from our friend Frank who shares how cbd works to help his granddaughter feel calm. Cbd for pets and people, people and pets.

Treating Your Pets Holistically

Holistic veterinary medicine may be new to most of us but it’s actually been in existence for well over 200 years and is beginning to grow in popularity as Americans are exploring natural ways of healing their pets. We are joined by Dr. Ramelmeier, a practitioner of Holistic veterinary medicine in Baltimore. She shares her journey from traditional veterinary medicine to homeopathic veterinary medicine and takes questions from the audience about a range of topics. She explains how and why a natural approach is beneficial and when a traditional approach may be needed. Dr. R. talks CBD and pets- when to try and how to determine the best path towards healing. Dr. Ben Gonzales enlightened us on the relationship between CBD and weight loss. He explains the effects of CBD on brain receptors that balance appetite, hormones, metabolism and gut health. A high quality CBD can improve gut health, decrease appetite and improve metabolic issues like diabetes and hypertension. CBD is an excellent part of metabolic repair programs. Listen carefully as Doc G. delves into the science and explains the benefits of CBD for your health. In the mail sack section Max and Steven answer questions from listeners, share a story from a customer who’s experienced hip pain relief and is using CBD for managing high blood pressure. CBD is complementary to an overall plan for reducing stress, anxiety and managing overall wellness.

CBD and the Emcee

MC Bravado joins Max and Steven to talk all things CBD, his personal growth journey from an anxious young man to a confident educator, singer/songwriter and cat dad. MC Bravado shares his compelling and inspirational personal story of overcoming fears, beating alcohol dependence and how he motivated and inspired his students to break barriers and achieve their own successes. We also hear from Dr. R., a holistic veterinarian with over 30 years of experience about how cats and dogs can be treated for various conditions with CBD. In Doc G’s corner, Dr. Ben Gonzales explains how a full spectrum CBD oil can treat IBS in people and pets as well as the connection between anxiety and gut health. All in all, a highly informative and fun episode of Understanding CBD!

CBD and Dosing for Pets

A study shows that 85 million homes have pets in America. With that statistic in mind, countless pets also deal with anxiety, separation issues, and general health complications. These are a few of the many ailments that our guest, Shorty Rossi, sees at the shelters he helps out with, including the dogs he owns. Shorty Rossi is the star of Animal Planet's ‘Pit Boss’, he’s also an animal activist and proprietor of Shorty’s Rescue. He has an undying passion for pets and explains how he has countered their ailments with CBD, describing how he doses them and the positive effects they experience. We also briefly introduce a new member of the team and dive into finding a ‘sweet spot’ with dosing in our mailsack segment.

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