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CBD Oil For Arthritis Pain: Usage & Effects

Considering trying CBD oil for arthritis pain? There are some very promising studies that suggest CBD is effective for dulling pain.

Effects of CBD Oil – Utilizing The Full Potential

What can CBD do? There’s a lot of people asking this very question. We’ve got some answers.

CBD Q&A with a Physician

CBD for sleep, anxiety, weight management, headaches, arthritis, working out, gut health… Is CBD the cure for everything? No. Is it a tool in the toolbox for better health? Yes. Dr. Ben González joins Max and Steven for a Q&A session to answer all the questions including his insights on how physicians view CBD as a treatment modality and the current views and opinions about CBD by the medical establishment. Doc G explains the evidence based research surrounding the adjunct functions of CBD in supporting healing. He takes questions, gives advice and shares some pro-tips for using cbd topically to assist in treating skin conditions ranging from pimples to rashes to burns. Doc G answers questions from callers about treating chronic pain, using cbd with other natural herbs and explains how cbd interacts with the endocannabinoid system to bring calm and equilibrium to the body. From headaches to joint pain and everything in between, Doc G shares his expertise with our listeners.

CBD Oil for Arthritis and Joint Pain: How Effective Is It?

Pain management is a critical part of caring for patients who have arthritis and chronic joint pain. According to a survey carried out by the Arthritis Foundation, 29 percent of Americans use CBD for pain in their joints. If you have recently been diagnosed with arthritis, then you may have heard about using CBD oil for arthritis too. The question, however, is how effective is it? In this blog, we will be discussing whether CBD can help reduce arthritic pain.

Mild to Severe Arthritis Pain: Can CBD oil help?

Arthritis affects ~50 million Americans and is the most common cause of disability among adults. We are talking today with Patty Wessels, a 16-year certified physical therapist from Mind Body Physical Therapy. She discusses how some of her arthritic clients relieve their joint and bone pain by using CBD oil, in addition to stretching and exercise. However, if you are experiencing arthritic symptoms or have been diagnosed with one of the over 100 kinds of arthritis and relation conditions, how should you approach trying CBD? Dr. G explains the Do’s and Don’ts when choosing CBD as a treatment choice.

CBD and Inflammation

Inflammation is an important defense mechanism in your immune system for healing and fighting off disease.

CBD For Traumatic Brain Injury & Pain Management

Dr Kevin E. Crutchfield, MD, is a neurologist who consults for the Ravens, Orioles, and DC United (MLS), and is one of the leading authorities on traumatic brain injury. He offers his perspective on CBD’s potential in easing chronic inflammation associated with head injuries, and how CBD contributes to the placebo effect. Dr Ben Gonzales joins the conversation, advocating for early CBD intervention after an injury. Plus, Max and Steven discuss how they use CBD for a good night’s sleep. Chock-full of practical info yet loaded with plenty of laughs from the usual cast of misfits.

Dr Tara Kern, DC, CCSP Reveals How CBD Has Helped Dozens of Her Patients and Her Dog

Dr Tara Kern, DC, CCSP Reveals How CBD Has Helped Dozens of Her Patients and Her Dog - Episode 3

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