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CBD Oil Vs Gummies: What Works For Me?

CBD drops and gummies both contain CBD oil. But they might as well be apples and oranges. Here are the key differences between the two delivery methods.

CBD and Vitamins

Dr. Earl Mindell, international best-selling author of over 60 books including The New Vitamin Bible and Healing With Hemp CBD Oil joins Max & Steven on Understanding CBD to talk all things nutrition, vitamins, supplements, CBD and healthy living. Dr. Mindell shares his expertise on the role of supplements, including CBD, in healing, longevity, stress management, improved sleep and general wellness. He also discusses CBD for dogs, which he wrote the book on! Listen and learn!

CBD Q&A with a Physician

CBD for sleep, anxiety, weight management, headaches, arthritis, working out, gut health… Is CBD the cure for everything? No. Is it a tool in the toolbox for better health? Yes. Dr. Ben González joins Max and Steven for a Q&A session to answer all the questions including his insights on how physicians view CBD as a treatment modality and the current views and opinions about CBD by the medical establishment. Doc G explains the evidence based research surrounding the adjunct functions of CBD in supporting healing. He takes questions, gives advice and shares some pro-tips for using cbd topically to assist in treating skin conditions ranging from pimples to rashes to burns. Doc G answers questions from callers about treating chronic pain, using cbd with other natural herbs and explains how cbd interacts with the endocannabinoid system to bring calm and equilibrium to the body. From headaches to joint pain and everything in between, Doc G shares his expertise with our listeners.

Good CBD Vibrations

Tapping into your energetic body, getting in touch with yourself, finding your vibe… whatever you call it, it’s a practice that allows people to connect with the world at large and within. Mary Miller joins Max and Steven to share her expertise in energy healing, the energetic properties of cbd and natural healing processes. She guides the audience through a meditation and takes questions from callers. Doc G. shares his perspective on anxiety among young adults and kids during the current challenging times. He explains how a properly sourced, full spectrum cbd can be helpful. And in Mailsack, Max and Steven share some fantastic stories- including an update from Shorty Rossi.

Hoʻoponopono, Plenty of Laughter as We Reflect on 2020 and the Year Ahead

Hoʻoponopono...try saying that 10 times in a row! On this episode of Understanding CBD, Max and Steven share their thoughts and experiences with this ancient Hawaiian conflict resolution process and show us how resolving issues from a place of humility, gratitude and love can bring us closer to our true selves and improve our relationships and well being. What does that have to do with cbd you may ask? Well, this week’s special guest, Rebecca Spain, explains. Rebecca is a health and wellness expert, a hemp advocate, and is trained in Hoʻoponopono mediation. Listen to her connect the dots between self-awareness, self-healing and using tools such as cbd and Hoʻoponopono to cultivate greater health and happiness. If that weren’t enough food for thought, we also have the privilege of hearing from the one and only Doc G. (Dr. Ben Gonzalez) on a topic that is rarely discussed openly and honestly- physician and patient relationships and the insurance industry. After you hear Doc G.’s honest and thoughtful expression of the realities doctors battle in an effort to serve their patients ethically and in the spirit of promoting a patient’s best interests, you’ll wish Doc G. or someone just like him was your doctor. Still reading? You should be listening to the show already!

Test Anxiety and CBD: Can It Help College Students?

If you happen to be a student in college, then we are sure you are open to all sorts of medical advice that can help you study better before exams and improve your academic performance. As it turns out, CBD oil may be the answer to your problems.

Maryland Hemp Farms and How CBD Oil Reduces Anxiety

It’s the Max and Steven take-over episode! Gary Stein was off this week, leaving Max and Steven in charge (plus Zachary Walman, Steven’s son). Listen as we interview Kevin Atticks from the Maryland Hemp Coalition. This organization works hard monitoring Maryland politics to educate and inform policymakers and the citizens on the many benefits of hemp, a value-added crop. He shares what he believes are the biggest hurdles facing the Maryland hemp farming industry and how the public can help. Speaking of educating the public, Dr. G’s Corner is a vital information resource on CBD oil. How does CBD oil work to reduce anxiety and regain motivation to keep moving forward? Dr. G. explains. We close with a special caller, Dr. Alexander Dix from Kip Medical Dispensaries.

Puppy Anxiety, CBD Oil’s Effect on the Brain, and Testimonials

Julia Werre’s career in medical product marketing has exposed her to many pharmaceuticals that help grow her client’s medical and dental practices. However, when she added Princess, an anxiety riddled Shih Tzu, to her family, she struggled to find a solution that worked for Princess’s uncontrollable barking and pacing. Julia shares how meeting Steven of Max & Steven’s provided her with a listening ear and successful solution that helped Princess immediately. Doc G returns! Learn the top 3 ways CBD effects your brain and the difference between the terms non-psychoactive and non-intoxicating. In closing, we have a special caller during Mailsaaaack with Dr. Christos Balis who shares how CBD oil improves his life.

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