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Maryland Hemp Farms and How CBD Oil Reduces Anxiety

It’s the Max and Steven take-over episode! Gary Stein was off this week, leaving Max and Steven in charge (plus Zachary Walman, Steven’s son). Listen as we interview Kevin Atticks from the Maryland Hemp Coalition. This organization works hard monitoring Maryland politics to educate and inform policymakers and the citizens on the many benefits of hemp, a value-added crop. He shares what he believes are the biggest hurdles facing the Maryland hemp farming industry and how the public can help. Speaking of educating the public, Dr. G’s Corner is a vital information resource on CBD oil. How does CBD oil work to reduce anxiety and regain motivation to keep moving forward? Dr. G. explains. We close with a special caller, Dr. Alexander Dix from Kip Medical Dispensaries.

Puppy Anxiety, CBD Oil’s Effect on the Brain, and Testimonials

Julia Werre’s career in medical product marketing has exposed her to many pharmaceuticals that help grow her client’s medical and dental practices. However, when she added Princess, an anxiety riddled Shih Tzu, to her family, she struggled to find a solution that worked for Princess’s uncontrollable barking and pacing. Julia shares how meeting Steven of Max & Steven’s provided her with a listening ear and successful solution that helped Princess immediately. Doc G returns! Learn the top 3 ways CBD effects your brain and the difference between the terms non-psychoactive and non-intoxicating. In closing, we have a special caller during Mailsaaaack with Dr. Christos Balis who shares how CBD oil improves his life.

5 Reasons To Start Using CBD Now (And Use It Daily)

You can argue that humans weren’t created (or evolved, depending on your point of view) to handle chronic stress. For 99% of the history of the human experience, stress was acute: find enough food and fresh water, and fend off the occasional sabre-tooth tiger attack.

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