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CBD and Weight Loss

Dr. Ben Gonzalez talks about weight loss and the importance of the maintenance of weight loss and metabolism.

Treating Your Pets Holistically

Holistic veterinary medicine may be new to most of us but it’s actually been in existence for well over 200 years and is beginning to grow in popularity as Americans are exploring natural ways of healing their pets. We are joined by Dr. Ramelmeier, a practitioner of Holistic veterinary medicine in Baltimore. She shares her journey from traditional veterinary medicine to homeopathic veterinary medicine and takes questions from the audience about a range of topics. She explains how and why a natural approach is beneficial and when a traditional approach may be needed. Dr. R. talks CBD and pets- when to try and how to determine the best path towards healing. Dr. Ben Gonzales enlightened us on the relationship between CBD and weight loss. He explains the effects of CBD on brain receptors that balance appetite, hormones, metabolism and gut health. A high quality CBD can improve gut health, decrease appetite and improve metabolic issues like diabetes and hypertension. CBD is an excellent part of metabolic repair programs. Listen carefully as Doc G. delves into the science and explains the benefits of CBD for your health. In the mail sack section Max and Steven answer questions from listeners, share a story from a customer who’s experienced hip pain relief and is using CBD for managing high blood pressure. CBD is complementary to an overall plan for reducing stress, anxiety and managing overall wellness.

Weight Loss Management with CBD

We have discussed how CBD is used for chronic pain, autoimmune diseases, sleep, PTSD, and anxiety. On this week’s show, we tackle the topic of CBD and weight loss. When our guest Ana Goldseker, owner of Soul Maté Yerba, lost 45 pounds, she discovered taking quality CBD oil helped maintain the weight loss. She shares her story and more. To explain the role CBD plays in weight loss, Dr. Ben González breaks down how our body’s reaction to stress, food cravings, injuries, anxiety, and pain lead to an imbalance in its ability to make endocannabinoids. If you are attempting to lose weight or finding it difficult managing a healthy weight, this episode is a must listen.

The Best Way To Quickly Lose Weight & Use CBD To Support Weight Management

When people are anxious, the favorite coping mechanism is comfort eating.

The Simple Trick To Overcoming Junk Food Cravings & Emotional Overeating

People with obesity not only suffer from physical handicaps, but also from mental stigmatization. Overweight people are deemed lazy and not motivated to change. But here’s the good news if you’ve been struggling with weight management, portion control and emotional overeating….

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