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CBD Roll-On: Support Healthy Muscles & Joints The Quick & Easy Way

Roll-on bottles aren’t just for masking body odor. Studies suggest topical cannabidiol oil is effective for the temporary relief of discomfort.

What’s Behind The Cannabis Controversy At The Olympics?

This is the story of two Olympic hopefuls who use cannabis. One of them was suspended for her use while the other was celebrated for it.

Using CBD Oil Topically – Know Before Using

Topical CBD oil is best for managing aches, pain and stiffness, either from acute injuries or chronic inflammation.

Creating Equity in Cannabis

Women in cannaBIZ... In honor of International Women’s Month, we are bringing you in-depth interviews with women trailblazers in the cannabis industry. We are joined by Venus Hemachandra, a Maryland dispensary owner this week to discuss all aspects of the business, the plant and of course CBD. Venus talks terpenes, cannabinoids and how CBD is not only complimentary to THC but also an effective and powerful tool in the treatment of many conditions from anxiety to aches and pains. She also explains the benefits of using a full spectrum CBD oil for the entourage effect. In Doc G’s corner, Dr. Ben González talks about a topic of interest for many of us- supplements. How do you know what to take and what about supplementing with CBD? He shares the latest research demonstrating that CBD aids in muscle recovery post exercise and is a powerful antioxidant as well as a source of omegas. In the Mailsack segment, catch up with Max & Steven as they discuss the hot topics of the week, customer questions and more!

Hoʻoponopono, Plenty of Laughter as We Reflect on 2020 and the Year Ahead

Hoʻoponopono...try saying that 10 times in a row! On this episode of Understanding CBD, Max and Steven share their thoughts and experiences with this ancient Hawaiian conflict resolution process and show us how resolving issues from a place of humility, gratitude and love can bring us closer to our true selves and improve our relationships and well being. What does that have to do with cbd you may ask? Well, this week’s special guest, Rebecca Spain, explains. Rebecca is a health and wellness expert, a hemp advocate, and is trained in Hoʻoponopono mediation. Listen to her connect the dots between self-awareness, self-healing and using tools such as cbd and Hoʻoponopono to cultivate greater health and happiness. If that weren’t enough food for thought, we also have the privilege of hearing from the one and only Doc G. (Dr. Ben Gonzalez) on a topic that is rarely discussed openly and honestly- physician and patient relationships and the insurance industry. After you hear Doc G.’s honest and thoughtful expression of the realities doctors battle in an effort to serve their patients ethically and in the spirit of promoting a patient’s best interests, you’ll wish Doc G. or someone just like him was your doctor. Still reading? You should be listening to the show already!

Everything You Need to Know About Using CBD Oil for Muscle Recovery

In this article, we will be investigating the use of CBD oil in sustaining muscle recovery and how it can contribute to your fitness regime.

CBD For Athletic Performance

Professional athletes and exercise enthusiasts are turning to CBD for sports performance and recovery. Learn how CBD can improve your workout and reduce exercise-induced inflammation.

CBD For Puppies, Triathletes, Hospice Care Patients & Well, Everyone

Nancy Peterson, a satisfied customer of Max & Steven’s, and a puppy breeder from Pennsylvania, reveals two great ways to give dogs CBD. Chris Burke, a triathlete from Colorado, and Director of Operations from Storehouse dispensary in Mt. Washin

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