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How to do CBD

“How to do the Pot” podcast host, Ellen Lee Scanlon, joins Max & Steven to discuss women’s health and cannabis. Ellen’s mission is to educate and give practical advice to women seeking to understand the benefits of cannabis. Her podcast takes a modern approach to demystifying the plant, exploring its medical benefits, and empowering women to be more confident consumers of cannabis.

Does CBD Work?

Chronic pain, anxiety, inflammation, sexual dysfunction, immunity, migraines- can cbd help? Yes- our very own Dr. Ben González takes questions from listeners and explains how cbd and the endocannabinoid system work synergistically to ease symptoms and provide relief for various conditions, the natural way. Also- he explains what integrative and functional medicine is and how it facilitates health and wellness through a holistic and proactive approach. We also hear from Mary Miller, an energy healer, on how our energetic bodies exist, communicate and can be healed through various modalities. Listen in on this fast paced and informative episode.

How Effective Is CBD Oil for Migraines?

Have you ever suffered from a migraine attack? Unlike the typical headache that you may experience, migraine attacks are much more severe and can last for as long as 3 days. They can also be difficult to treat using standard over-the-counter drugs. Research suggests that CBD oil may be a potential treatment for migraines. In this article, we will be investigating the use of CBD oil for migraines and whether it helps relieve the symptoms of a migraine attack.

CBD Oil for Headaches: Does It Help With Pain Management?

Can you use CBD oil for headaches? Click here to learn about how CBD can help manage headaches and what the scientific community has to say about it.

Migraines and Headaches and Back Pain, Oh My!

CBD for Migraines? For chronic acute headaches? For back pain? You better believe it! This week on Understanding CBD, Dr. Mary Ann Ley from the Achieve Wellness Center tells us how she talks to her patients about CBD and even sees results within minutes

CBD For Traumatic Brain Injury & Pain Management

Dr Kevin E. Crutchfield, MD, is a neurologist who consults for the Ravens, Orioles, and DC United (MLS), and is one of the leading authorities on traumatic brain injury. He offers his perspective on CBD’s potential in easing chronic inflammation associated with head injuries, and how CBD contributes to the placebo effect. Dr Ben Gonzales joins the conversation, advocating for early CBD intervention after an injury. Plus, Max and Steven discuss how they use CBD for a good night’s sleep. Chock-full of practical info yet loaded with plenty of laughs from the usual cast of misfits.

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