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Why CBD is for Moms

Anxiety, stress, insomnia, motherhood…and cbd? Moms can use a little help these days- the usual stressors have only been amplified during pandemic times. How’s a mom to cope? And how can one go from coping to thriving? We are joined by Dr. Aimée Gould Shunney, a naturopathic doctor who includes cbd in her holistic approach to healing. With 20 years of experience as a practitioner, Dr. Shunney is well versed in the health and wellness challenges that her patients experience. She shares her expertise, insights and solutions- including the role of cbd in her approach to managing various conditions in women, pregnant moms, children and people of every kind. Using cbd along with diet, exercise, lifestyle, meditation and grounding in nature, she has found that cbd feeds our endocannabinoid system which helps manage stress response. Cbd supports healthy sleep, regulates moods and improves general health. Dr. Shunney shares how her patients have benefited from cbd on their journeys to better health, calling it a “game changer” for her patients. After personally experimenting with cbd for insomnia and achieving results, she began to recommend it to her patients. Now, Dr. Shunney is considered an expert in cbd. She recommends cbd for conditions such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, pain, inflammation, chronic illness and neurological disorders. With few downsides to cbd, she feels like it’s a safe and effective approach for most people. Mailsack is extra special today with updates from our chiropractor friends- news about topicals, cbd for pets and a preview of potential new products from Max and Steven.

The Ultimate Guide To CBD Oil Dosage

Wondering what’s the proper CBD oil dosage? We have some answers.

Enhancing Mental Health & Wellness With CBD

Who doesn’t have anxiety these days? But for the people who suffer with schizophrenia, depression, social anxiety and other diagnosed psychiatric disorders—with or without a pandemic—can CBD be a safe and effective treatment? Max and Steven introduce Vicci Sobol, Max’s wife and a psychiatric nurse of 20 years to weigh in on the issue. Having worked at Sheppard Pratt for many years, and more recently for the State of Maryland, Vicci reveals the truth about using CBD for mental health. Plus, Dr G explains how CBD can help boost serotonin levels. Tune in to learn how CBD can benefit the mind—without the psychoactive effects.

An Absolutely Amazing Miraculous Minnesota Mom’s Mitzvah!

Max and Steven are live in studio on Mother’s Day and introduce Victoria, of Chanhassen, MN. Victoria describes how cannabis sativa miraculously helped her son recover from debilitating autoimmune encephalitis. After several doctors could not pinpoint why her son transformed overnight from a sweet, affectionate child into an aggressive, alarmingly self-harming teenager, Victoria took it upon herself to “get her son back.” Do yourself a favor and listen to this ultimately uplifting and inspiring story about one doggedly-determined mom’s attempt to find relief for her son. Plus, Dr G discusses CBD and pregnancy, and Megan from K & S Chiropractic (Owings Mills and Eldersburg) shares her own inspiring CBD stories.

CBD For Kids: Is It Safe and Effective?

Linda Levy Rabinovich, certified reading specialist, brain-based-learning advocate, super mom, and Steven's girlfriend, joins the show to talk about whether or not it’s appropriate to provide kids with CBD. Can CBD help kids with ADHD and anxiety? Can CBD be a surrogate for your child’s medication? At what age can kids start using CBD? What dose should be administered to children? Should parents worry that CBD can get their child high? Plus, Max does his best Rodney Dangerfield impression, and Steven’s birthday is celebrated in the studio.

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