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CBD For Puppies, Triathletes, Hospice Care Patients & Well, Everyone

Nancy Peterson, a satisfied customer of Max & Steven’s, and a puppy breeder from Pennsylvania, reveals two great ways to give dogs CBD. Chris Burke, a triathlete from Colorado, and Director of Operations from Storehouse dispensary in Mt. Washin

The Benefits of Giving CBD To Your Furry, Four-Legged Family Members

Curious about CBD? Perhaps you’ve heard from a friend that using CBD can help ease pain, improve sleep and calm the mind. But what about giving your pet CBD? Can CBD safely offer the same potential benefits to your four-legged best friend? Is there any research that supports giving CBD to pets?

CBD, Doggy Style! Master Dog Trainer and Police K-9 Officer, Michael J Soler

Max and Steven introduce Michael J Soler. A Marine Corp veteran, author of a puppy training book and owner of Blue Line K-9 Training in Joppa. Soler discusses how CBD won him over, despite his initial skepticism as a law-enforcement officer. If you’ve got a four-legged best friend, you’ll learn some amazing benefits of CBD for pets, including the natural compound’s ability to wean dogs with behavioral problems off medication. Soler reveals the four different scenarios when you should address your pet by its name, whether or not you should use treats for training, and lots more useful doggy-training tips. If you’ve adopted a puppy lately or you’re a pet owner stuck at home during the COVID-19 crisis, you’ll definitely want to tune in.

Dr Tara Kern, DC, CCSP Reveals How CBD Has Helped Dozens of Her Patients and Her Dog

Dr Tara Kern, DC, CCSP Reveals How CBD Has Helped Dozens of Her Patients and Her Dog - Episode 3

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