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The Green Rush: Cannabis Career Opportunities

With all 50 states having legalized hemp cultivation, higher education institutions like Anne Arundel Community College (AACC) are taking notice and providing students with academic paths for people to enter the industry. That’s right, cannabis business courses. Professor Shad Ewart, the Academic Chair of AACC, walks us through why he believes colleges should embrace the ‘Green Rush’ and how he developed a cannabis career course that explores entrepreneurial opportunities created by the cannabis industry. Closing the show, we learn how to avoid low quality CBD scams and hear from real customer testimonials, thanks to Dr. G’s corner and Mailsaaaack.

Brain Injury and Recovery: The CBD and Omega 3 Connection

Millions of Americans are affected by traumatic brain injuries (TBI) that can result in devastating long-term effects – early dementia, loss of motor functions and stress disorders. In this episode, we ask two doctors, Dr. Michael Lewis from BrainCARE and author of “When Brains Collide” and Dr. Ben Gonzalez from Atlantis Medical Wellness Center and Dr. G’s Corner, if and how CBD oil could help in treating a brain injury. Plus, we discover the connection between brain health, omega 3 fish oil, exercise, and CBD oil. For anyone who is asking, “How can I keep my brain healthy?” – this episode is for you.

Abolishing Medical Marijuana Stigmas and CBD Oil Testimonials

UnderstandingCBD.com has launched! Visit the site for an all access pass to every episode of our radio show, CBD information and Dr. G’s tips. For this week’s episode, we revisit the stigma of medical marijuana and CBD oil. It still overrides scientific evidence leaving the medical cannabis community without a voice. Thankfully, there are people like this week’s guest, Rita Montoya, J.D. After years of managing her autoimmune disease and involuntary muscular disorder with a collection of doctor prescribed medications that caused issues affecting her family life and career, she sought other options. Today, she shared what she found and how it drove her to advocate for more people like her by creating the Cannabis Patient Advocacy Association (CPAA). Finally, Mailsaaaack brought excitement as we listened to customer testimonials and the ways they use their CBD oil.

How To Activate Your Body’s Bliss Chemical Anandamide & How To Prevent It From Breaking Down

For those not familiar with the endocannabinoid system (ECS), it’s your body’s most important healing system. The ECS regulates homeostasis in the body. Homeostasis is the perfectly-balanced functioning of organs and tissues (neither overactive or underactive). Your sleep quality, appetite levels, mood, pain threshold, immune system function, and your ability to concentration and retain information is directly influenced by the ECS.

Nursing Home Patients During Covid-19 and CBD vs. Marijuana

40% of reported Covid-19 deaths are residents of nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Essential healthcare services are reacting swiftly to provide a safe environment for both their residents and employees. We ask Dave Pyser from a local home care service provider called Visiting Angels how Covid-19 has changed the lives of his elderly clients and if CBD oil has a future in this industry. Before we close the show with Mailsaaaack, Dr. G’s Corner covers the important distinctions between CBD and marijuana and why it is safe for use in the home healthcare setting.

A Veteran’s Journey as a CBD Advocate and CBD as a Supplement

This week, we welcome back Eryck Stamper. Listen as we learn the reasons that led this veteran to establish a non-profit called Veterans Initiative 22 and how the non-profit works with NORML of Maryland, Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC), Ameri

The Simple Trick To Overcoming Junk Food Cravings & Emotional Overeating

People with obesity not only suffer from physical handicaps, but also from mental stigmatization. Overweight people are deemed lazy and not motivated to change. But here’s the good news if you’ve been struggling with weight management, portion control and emotional overeating….

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