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An Absolutely Amazing Miraculous Minnesota Mom’s Mitzvah!

Max and Steven are live in studio on Mother’s Day and introduce Victoria, of Chanhassen, MN. Victoria describes how cannabis sativa miraculously helped her son recover from debilitating autoimmune encephalitis. After several doctors could not pinpoint why her son transformed overnight from a sweet, affectionate child into an aggressive, alarmingly self-harming teenager, Victoria took it upon herself to “get her son back.” Do yourself a favor and listen to this ultimately uplifting and inspiring story about one doggedly-determined mom’s attempt to find relief for her son. Plus, Dr G discusses CBD and pregnancy, and Megan from K & S Chiropractic (Owings Mills and Eldersburg) shares her own inspiring CBD stories.

The Happy Coronavirus Show! Featuring Dr Ben Gonzalez, MD (Dr G); Orioles Exec TJ Brightman and Legendary Local Sports Guru, Stan “The Fan” Charles

Be calm and don’t hoard the TP! If you have anxiety and confusion about the novel coronavirus, Dr. G provides valuable sources of real information and advice for folks wanting to separate the facts from the fiction. O’s CFO, TJ Brightman, discusses the Birds’ role in helping ballpark employees affected by the delay of opening day, and Stan “The Fan” Charles waxes nostalgic about how sports can combat coronavirus anxiety just like CBD can.

Dr Ben Gonzalez, MD (Dr G) and CBD Scientist, Kaylah Burson: CBD, Doctors and Hemp Industry Testing Standards

Max & Steven are joined in studio by Dr. G, a functional medicine doctor and director of Atlantic Medical Wellness Center in Silver Spring. Dr. G explains how to address your primary care doctor about using CBD, especially if you’re taking medication. Scientist Kaylah Burson discusses the characteristics of a high-quality hemp product that consumers can trust for efficacy and safety.

CBD Basics and How to Find Quality Hemp CBD

Legendary local radio host Gary Stein interviews Max & Steven on radio WCBM AM 680 in Baltimore, for the premier episode of “Understanding CBD with Max & Steven.” Learn the basics like what’s the difference between hemp, CBD and THC; what conditions CBD might help with and if it’s safe for kids and pets. Will CBD show up on a drug test? Find out the answer to this and lots more useful info for the CBD-curious in this exciting first episode!

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