Predicting The Future of CBD With … Tarot Cards?

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Can tarot—a New Agey playing deck of 78 medieval-themed illustrated cards used for spiritual guidance—accurately predict CBD trends?

When you have Janine Morigeau helming the deck, anything is possible. A resident of Calgary, Alberta, Morigeau has been reading tarot decks professionally for over 35 years. 

On a recent episode (#71) of Understanding CBD with Max & Steven, Morigeau explained how tarot works to the uninitiated and made bold predictions about the fate of CBD as a natural therapeutic ingredient in the USA, and the fate of Max & Steven’s Premium Hemp Extracts

In what has been perhaps the most popular episode of Understanding CBD to date, the interview with Janine has generated over 19,000 views on YouTube, with over 200 comments, mostly from followers of Janine’s from across the globe.

Who Is Janine Morigeau? 

Before we explore the esoteric machinations of tarot, let’s first give thanks to Janine for appearing on Understanding CBD. As an astrologer, spiritual life coach, and divination master, she has amassed a large following. Her YouTube channel, TarotByJanine has nearly 94,000 subscribers. Another channel she hosts, SendingRavens, has another 50,000 subscribers. 

Janine honed her spiritual craft in Haida Gwaii, a group of islands off the coast of British Columbia, north of Vancouver Island and home to Canada’s Haida Nation, a “First Nations” tribe. 

Haida Gwaii was a fitting, mystical place for Janine to study reading tarot cards. There, she lived for nine years and was taught the art of not only how to interpret the cards in order to bridge the unconscious with the conscious mind, but also to empower people to think for themselves. 

If you’re curious about reading tarot, Janine says the good news is that you don’t have to be an innate spiritual intuitive to become expert at it. You do, however, need to be drawn to the cards themselves in the same way that some people without having ever researched CBD are intuitively drawn to the non-intoxicating cannabinoid. 

In order to be proficient with tarot cards, Janine says that it helps to be a visually-oriented person. But everybody, she says, has intuitive powers. 

Using Tarot Cards To Predict CBD Trends

Janine has personally known several people that have supported their health with CBD oil while experiencing chronic health problems.

So what does Janine predict about the future of CBD by interpreting the tarot cards she pulls with her left hand? (Rule #1 when picking tarot cards: always use the left hand!)

The US Food & Drug Administration has been expected for a long time to issue rulings on hemp-industry regulation. (Full spectrum CBD oil is extracted from hemp, a breed of the cannabis sativa plant.) 

In the meantime, CBD is operating unregulated, and the long-anticipated regulations have reputable CBD companies a little bit on edge. 

This scenario makes sense to the Tarot deck. Janine has pulled the Emperor card which is representative of the federal government. Another card Janine subconsciously selected: the hanged man. This card does not foreshadow the death of the CBD industry. Rather, the Hanged Man card is interpreted as a decision “suspended in time.” 

The good news pulled from the deck is that Janine’s reading includes the Sun, which Janine explains is one of the best cards in the deck. Most cards, she explains, can be interpreted as good or bad. However, with the Sun, it’s always good vibes. Janine interprets this to mean that CBD is a product that benefits humanity. 

Janine next picks the Five of Pentacles, which, like the Hanged Man, can represent a hold-up, or hiccup for having something proceed. But the good news about the Five of Pentacles is that it is a card in the minor arcana, one of the two groups of cards in a Tarot deck. (The other being the major arcana). 

Minor arcana cards, Janine said, is changeable, implying that the holdup of CBD regulations—which would benefit CBD companies by offering a guideline in which to operate and weeding out unscrupulous players in the industry—is not indicative of a large, nefarious entity to sabotage CBD being available to consumers. 

So when will the FDA finally release rulings on CBD guidelines? Survey says … well, according to Janine’s reading, there will be greater clarity and perhaps even issuance of the guidelines in eight months. The 8 of Pentacles card reveals people hard at work and represents manifestation, emotions, thoughts and words, all of which will physically manifest into action. 

The Future For Max & Steven’s CBD 

Can two Baltimore boys with a passion for educating the masses about CBD actually make a good living doing so? 

Here’s what the universe says, courtesy of Janine’s reading of the tarot…

The Ace of Cups implies that Max & Steven are doing it from their heart. The actual cups are the element of water, which represent emotions and feelings. For this reason, Janine says Max & Steven are “doing it with love in your heart.”

Janine has also pulled the King of Pentacles card, which can represent abundance, but there’s a catch. The 3 of Swords is potentially interfering with financial abundance manifestation. And the reason why is that this card is an air of element indicative of thoughts that can interfere with success. 

Hey, Max & Steven are only human. But Janine has some advice that can help the boys succeed in their mission of both educating folks on the benefits of CBD and selling lots of product. She recommends changing thought patterns, making plans for the next year, and literally manifesting those goals by frequently talking about them.

The same applies to people who wish to improve their health: state or write down your health goals and manifest them by frequently talking about them, believing in your goals, and imagining the sensation of what it’s like to reach your health goals. 

CBD Predictions: Conclusion

Despite the pandemic, the good news is that the last card Janine has pulled from the Tarot deck is the Wheel of Fortune: Everything is going to change for the better.

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