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CBD Oil for Arthritis and Joint Pain: How Effective Is It?

Pain management is a critical part of caring for patients who have arthritis and chronic joint pain. According to a survey carried out by the Arthritis Foundation, 29 percent of Americans use CBD for pain in their joints. If you have recently been diagnosed with arthritis, then you may have heard about using CBD oil for arthritis too. The question, however, is how effective is it? In this blog, we will be discussing whether CBD can help reduce arthritic pain.

How Effective Is CBD Oil for Migraines?

Have you ever suffered from a migraine attack? Unlike the typical headache that you may experience, migraine attacks are much more severe and can last for as long as 3 days. They can also be difficult to treat using standard over-the-counter drugs. Research suggests that CBD oil may be a potential treatment for migraines. In this article, we will be investigating the use of CBD oil for migraines and whether it helps relieve the symptoms of a migraine attack.

The Green Rush: Cannabis Career Opportunities

With all 50 states having legalized hemp cultivation, higher education institutions like Anne Arundel Community College (AACC) are taking notice and providing students with academic paths for people to enter the industry. That’s right, cannabis business courses. Professor Shad Ewart, the Academic Chair of AACC, walks us through why he believes colleges should embrace the ‘Green Rush’ and how he developed a cannabis career course that explores entrepreneurial opportunities created by the cannabis industry. Closing the show, we learn how to avoid low quality CBD scams and hear from real customer testimonials, thanks to Dr. G’s corner and Mailsaaaack.

CBD Oil for Headaches: Does It Help With Pain Management?

Can you use CBD oil for headaches? Click here to learn about how CBD can help manage headaches and what the scientific community has to say about it.

What is in CBD Oil and Who Can Use it?

Gary Stein’s FINAL SHOW! We will miss our radio show mentor but are excited about stepping up to host the show. We invited Maggie Fauver, the Mid-Atlantic Operations Manager for @CannaCareDocsMD, as our special quest. She tells us about the importance of lab reports, spreading awareness to patients on the medical benefits of CBD, and how she got started in the industry. Plus, Dr. Ben Gonzalez uncovers the 3 types of CBD oil, what makes them different, and why full spectrum CBD oil is superior.

Test Anxiety and CBD: Can It Help College Students?

If you happen to be a student in college, then we are sure you are open to all sorts of medical advice that can help you study better before exams and improve your academic performance. As it turns out, CBD oil may be the answer to your problems.

Abolishing Medical Marijuana Stigmas and CBD Oil Testimonials

UnderstandingCBD.com has launched! Visit the site for an all access pass to every episode of our radio show, CBD information and Dr. G’s tips. For this week’s episode, we revisit the stigma of medical marijuana and CBD oil. It still overrides scientific evidence leaving the medical cannabis community without a voice. Thankfully, there are people like this week’s guest, Rita Montoya, J.D. After years of managing her autoimmune disease and involuntary muscular disorder with a collection of doctor prescribed medications that caused issues affecting her family life and career, she sought other options. Today, she shared what she found and how it drove her to advocate for more people like her by creating the Cannabis Patient Advocacy Association (CPAA). Finally, Mailsaaaack brought excitement as we listened to customer testimonials and the ways they use their CBD oil.

Nursing Home Patients During Covid-19 and CBD vs. Marijuana

40% of reported Covid-19 deaths are residents of nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Essential healthcare services are reacting swiftly to provide a safe environment for both their residents and employees. We ask Dave Pyser from a local home care service provider called Visiting Angels how Covid-19 has changed the lives of his elderly clients and if CBD oil has a future in this industry. Before we close the show with Mailsaaaack, Dr. G’s Corner covers the important distinctions between CBD and marijuana and why it is safe for use in the home healthcare setting.

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