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CBD Consumer Safety

Mechanical engineer Darwin Millard, AKA the “Spock of Cannabis” joins Max and Steven to dive deep into consumer safety in the cannabis industry. Darwin explains how cannabis is currently regulated from growth to finished product. We learn about the ASTM International standards committee for cannabis standards- known as D37. The committee was created to insure product quality for public health and safety. Darwin shares his deep knowledge and explains what consumers should look for when buying cbd products. He even breaks down common but confusing cbd terminology. If you’ve ever wanted to know the difference between full spectrum, broad spectrum and isolate or wondered about cannabinoids, terpenes and phytochemicals or asked yourself if hemp seeds are the same as hemp cbd oil, this is the episode for you. In Doc G’s corner, Dr. Ben Gonzalez tackles the topic of functional medicine, how the body’s systems all work together and the concept of healing disease via the endocannabinoid system rather than continuously medicating one condition in isolation from other diseases concurrently existing in the body. The latter approach results in patients finding themselves on multiple prescriptions while still being sick. He explains the power of our endocannabinoid receptors for harnessing the healing benefits of cbd oil for holistic, multi-systemic healing and improving overall health by feeding the endocannabinoid system which for most people is deficient. And in the mail sack section, we hear from a customer in Colorado who was curious about cbd for pain. He asks about drug testing, topical and sublingual use of cbd oil and asks about how to assure product quality. Be sure to listen to learn more!

CBD Q&A with a Physician

CBD for sleep, anxiety, weight management, headaches, arthritis, working out, gut health… Is CBD the cure for everything? No. Is it a tool in the toolbox for better health? Yes. Dr. Ben González joins Max and Steven for a Q&A session to answer all the questions including his insights on how physicians view CBD as a treatment modality and the current views and opinions about CBD by the medical establishment. Doc G explains the evidence based research surrounding the adjunct functions of CBD in supporting healing. He takes questions, gives advice and shares some pro-tips for using cbd topically to assist in treating skin conditions ranging from pimples to rashes to burns. Doc G answers questions from callers about treating chronic pain, using cbd with other natural herbs and explains how cbd interacts with the endocannabinoid system to bring calm and equilibrium to the body. From headaches to joint pain and everything in between, Doc G shares his expertise with our listeners.

Three Reasons To Consider CBD Oil For Chronic Back Pain

Most of the promising research on CBD shows it to be effective for anxiety and sleep. What do studies conclude about its efficacy for chronic back pain?

Demystifying Medical Cannabis

Inspired by her belief in holistic healing, Melony Burman, encountered a treasure trove of benefits in the cannabis plant when she began her personal quest for natural solutions. Not only did she discover a natural medicine to heal her injuries, Melony found her artistic creativity sparked. She eventually embarked upon a career which allows her to advise and educate others on the potential of cannabis to improve their lives. Melony is the General Manager at Storehouse Dispensary in Baltimore. She is positively passionate about providing patients with every imaginable option and tool for healing with cannabis in all its forms, from flower to lotion to cbd products. It’s her goal to help each patient find exactly what works best for them. Guiding patients through the process with personalized attention, empathy and understanding, Melony is the go-to expert in the world of cannabis- for people and pets! She shares her insights, vast experience and lots of excellent advice. In our Mailsack segment, cbd gummies versus cbd oil used sublingually- how do you know what’s best?

Does CBD Interact With…?

Today, Ajay Sharma RPh, MBA, a local pharmacist based in Silver Spring joins us on Understanding CBD with Max and Steven to explain how cbd, a plant-based medicine works in relation to pharmaceutical products. He talks about drug interactions and how cbd impacts patients. He also explains how topical and sublingual absorption of cbd vary and when to choose one versus the other. On Dr. G’s corner, we learn about the legality of cbd and what that means to consumers.

Testing Standards of CBD

With the purchasing and manufacturing of CBD products increasing each day, understanding exactly what it is that you’re buying is growing in importance. Our guest on the show is Steven Perez who is a scientist and CEO of Americanna Labs, a third-party testing lab for CBD products, and will be discussing the importance of the role that testing labs contribute to the end consumers’ CBD products. We also discuss what you should be considering before sourcing your products, providing the ultimate guideline for purchasing wisely and based on quality.

CBD For Seasonal Depression

Extreme seasonal depression or ‘winter blues’ is actually a diagnosis called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

Importance of Quality in Plant Medicine

2020 has been a hectic and uncertain year. With the upcoming election, it’s a good time to slow down and listen to our bodies. Stress, lack of sleep, injuries, illnesses, or pain can cloud our minds and stunt our healing. That’s why we invited Zachary Owen Heidemann, a Certified Herbal Medicine Specialist and owner of Wild Child Medicines, to teach us ways we can restore our bodies with quality plant medicine. Meanwhile, the new hemp farming industry lacks a gold standard for processing hemp. Dr. G’s Corner educates us on how we can choose a high quality, contaminate free, and lab tested CBD oil during a time that some farmers call the “wild west” of CBD production.

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