CBD For Seasonal Depression

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Seasonal Depression is increasing, and CBD is the best way to approach it.

With the winter seasons fast approaching, the presence of seasonal depression is already increasing at a rapid rate. The winter blues is common and can be cleared on its own but if it is not combated proactively, it can cause increased depression and causes heightened suicide rates and eating disorders. 

Extreme seasonal depression or ‘winter blues’ is actually a diagnosis called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). SAD refers to the last few months of the year where many people are at their peak of depression. Everyone can feel this way, and funnily enough it’s also the time that people consume more carbs and gain weight too, plus we naturally hibernate more which can increase our levels of feeling down.

Your hormones along with the CBD molecules that are naturally in your body can get affected but you have more control than you think – so here are the top 6 practical tips to combat your winter depression

  • Consistent sleep patterns which helps your hormones stay in balance.
  • Minimize carb intake and late night eating
  • Find a way to move and exercise. Don’t go crazy just be consistent
  • Light therapy is important and you should sit in front of a light a few times a day
  • Medication may be helpful
  • Full spectrum CBD oil. Research shows that CBD targets the brain’s response to serotonin which has an antidepressant effect. It also triggers shifts in blood flows away from anxiety centers to calming centers in the brain.

The reason why CBD is a great supplement is because it impacts on the endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system is like a machine in our bodies and its purpose is to keep everything in check and balance including our mood. Our anxiety and depression can fluctuate based on what we do to affect our endocannabinoid system. If we are exercising, eating the right foods or supplementing cannabis and CBD – these things enhance our system massively.

If you feel you fall into the category of seasonal depression, we highly recommend seeing your GP or reaching out to Ben Gonzalez – a doctor that is commonly on our podcast. We also had an incredibly well informed doctor over on the show, Alexander Dix. We spoke in detail about CBD for seasonal depression and heightened levels of anxiety, too.

If you are wanting to consider CBD as a great alternative to your seasonal depression or heightened levels of sadness and anxiety, we have an incredible full spectrum CBD product. Confused about dosing CBD? We have a dosing chart on our website over at maxandstevens.com at the shop page under ‘usage’ where you can see the chart for dosing people and pets.

We know that with everything going on, as well as the fast approaching winter seasons; so now more than ever you need to maintain and improve your mental health so that you don’t fall victim to seasonal depression the way that countless other people do. 

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