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CBD Basics and How to Find Quality Hemp CBD

Legendary local radio host Gary Stein interviews Max & Steven on radio WCBM AM 680 in Baltimore, for the premier episode of “Understanding CBD with Max & Steven.” Learn the basics like what’s the difference between hemp, CBD and THC; what conditions CBD might help with and if it’s safe for kids and pets. Will CBD show up on a drug test? Find out the answer to this and lots more useful info for the CBD-curious in this exciting first episode!

Meet Max Sobol of Walman’s Apothecary

Co-founder Max Sobol discusses why Max & Steven’s Premium Hemp Extract tincture is the safest and most effective way to use CBD for people and pets, as well as what this business means to him on a personal level.

Meet Steven Walman of Walman’s Apothecary

Have no clue what the best way to use hemp-based CBD is? Co-founder Steven Walman shows you the way and reveals why he uses it—and how you can get the most out of your CBD experience.

Meet The Founders: Max Sobol and Steven Walman of Walman’s Apothecary

Max & Steven explain what makes their CBD product the highest-quality and most-trusted 100% pure hemp oil product people can find in the Baltimore area. Hemp oil is now legal in Maryland. But buyer beware! With no FDA regulations and a lack of industry-wide standards, it’s up to you to know if a CBD product is premium or junk. Join Max & Steven on WCBM radio AM 680 Sundays from 2-3PM Eastern to empower yourself before buying CBD products.

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