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Three Reasons To Consider CBD Oil For Chronic Back Pain

Most of the promising research on CBD shows it to be effective for anxiety and sleep. What do studies conclude about its efficacy for chronic back pain?

The Misinformation About CBD in the Medical Field

Listen in as we have an in depth conversation about the misinformation around CBD amongst physicians and the medical field in general with Dr. Paloma Lehfeldt, an incredible physician who is well educated on cannabis and has studied it for years. Learn about the complications around researching cannabis because of its schedule one drug title across the United States and how the continued stigma around it in the medical industry is posing a challenge to not only patients with health conditions that are mistreated but also the growing administration of opioids. After our discussion with Dr. Paloma, we also provide a simple understanding of how to measure your CBD dosage correctly.

Can You Use CBD Oil for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Learn about the potential use of CBD oil for carpal tunnel syndrome and how CBD can work as an anti-inflammatory.

Mild to Severe Arthritis Pain: Can CBD oil help?

Arthritis affects ~50 million Americans and is the most common cause of disability among adults. We are talking today with Patty Wessels, a 16-year certified physical therapist from Mind Body Physical Therapy. She discusses how some of her arthritic clients relieve their joint and bone pain by using CBD oil, in addition to stretching and exercise. However, if you are experiencing arthritic symptoms or have been diagnosed with one of the over 100 kinds of arthritis and relation conditions, how should you approach trying CBD? Dr. G explains the Do’s and Don’ts when choosing CBD as a treatment choice.

A Quick Synopsis of CBD History and Research

Cannabis is one of the first plants ever documented for use in medicine about 5000 years ago!

CBD Helped Me With My Parkinson’s, What Max & Steven Say is in the Bottle…is in the Bottle & Finding a Good Corned Beef Sandwich in Baltimore!

You’re like, “Wait, what? Corned Beef and CBD?” Well, somehow the gang made a connection on the firecracker of a show, (see what I did there!) More on corned beef later, but first – when Max & Steven tell you what’s in the bottle, it’s in the bottle!

DrG’s 4 Tips To Managing Chronic Nerve Pain

Pain is your body’s normal reaction to an injury or illness warning your body that something is wrong.

CBD For Traumatic Brain Injury & Pain Management

Dr Kevin E. Crutchfield, MD, is a neurologist who consults for the Ravens, Orioles, and DC United (MLS), and is one of the leading authorities on traumatic brain injury. He offers his perspective on CBD’s potential in easing chronic inflammation associated with head injuries, and how CBD contributes to the placebo effect. Dr Ben Gonzales joins the conversation, advocating for early CBD intervention after an injury. Plus, Max and Steven discuss how they use CBD for a good night’s sleep. Chock-full of practical info yet loaded with plenty of laughs from the usual cast of misfits.

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