CBD is The Fountain of Youth–For Worms (And For Us?)

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If a safe and legal natural substance was shown in research studies to extend lifespan by almost 20%, would you start taking it?

And what if the substance not only helped you live longer but increased your metabolic rate by 200%? 

That’s what a new research study shows that CBD can do—at least in a certain species of worm. 

Now before you shudder in disgust by the thought of worms, consider this creepy thought: humans share up to 80% of our DNA with the CBD-fed worm in the study, Caenorhabditis elegans. (Which is why C. elegans is used in many research studies.)

Considering that the overwhelming majority of genetic material that makes you, well, you, is shared with C. elegans, does this mean that if you take CBD on a consistent basis, you’ll live longer? 

Maybe. Maybe not. We obviously can’t make that conclusion from one study on worms alone.

CBD, derived from industrial hemp, has only been legalized for two years. As a result, CBD research has a lot of playing catch up to do. Nonetheless, the findings from the study are promising: none of the over 3,500 worms who were given CBD died before the control-group worms. Granted, the lifespan of C. elegans is a blink of an eye to begin with: approximately two weeks. 

But hey, if you had only 14 days to live, getting to enjoy another 2.5 days wriggling, fertilizing and doing other things worms do would be a big bonus. 

So what can be concluded from the study? 

For starters, if you have any C. elegans worms as housepets, definitely feed them the best-quality full-spectrum CBD oil money can buy

In all seriousness, the study, even though it was conducted on worms, adds to the mountain of evidence pointing to the safety of CBD; the worms were given doses of CBD suitable for humans, and none of the experimental worms died as a result. 

Moreover, their lifespans increased by an average of 18%. And the cherry on top: their activity level increased by 206%. What that means is that when C. elegans should be enjoying retirement at the ripe old age of 14 days, if given CBD, the worms moved about with the mobility of roundworm whipper-snappers, aged one or two days old. 

Obviously, there will be people who are skeptical about this study. But keep in mind that several popular pharmaceutical drugs such as Metformin, a diabetes medication, was initially tested on C. elegans to assess toxicity. 

How CBD Works 

Both worms and humans have an internal superhighway communications network known as the endocannabinoid system, or ECS. CBD indirectly activates the ECS. And in doing so, it helps maintain the body’s homeostasis, or balance, of the various organ systems. 

If you take care of your car by getting regular oil changes and other scheduled maintenance procedures, your car should run for well over 100,000 miles, if not 300,000 or more. Think of your body as a car engine. If you take care of it by constantly feeding it Mother Nature’s best substances, such as full-spectrum CBD oil, derived from organic hemp, your body may function at an optimal level well into old age.

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