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CBD For Seasonal Depression

Seasonal Depression is increasing, and CBD is the best way to approach it. With the winter seasons fast approaching, the presence of seasonal depression is

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Dealing With Seasonal Depression With CBD – Episode 38

"Understanding CBD with Max & Steven" as heard on WCBM Radio
Dealing With Seasonal Depression With CBD - Episode 38

Listen as we dive into the conversation about seasonal depression with our special guest Doctor Alexander Dix, a clinical medical director over at Kip dispensary who will give you practical tips on combating the tough winter season ahead as well as how CBD plays a role in helping you manage it. On top of that we also talk a little bit about the endocannabinoid system and how it also plays a role in managing seasonal affective disorder as well as depression and anxiety in general. With the winter season upon us, now is the time to focus on the practical tips spoken about in this podcast so that we can avoid falling into a depressive state.

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